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some days I think I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe

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Location:Washington, United States of America

kristy. female. twentysomething. kid at heart. quirky. geeky. weird. independent. dreamer. icon maker. gamer. vidder. sci-fi addict.Most of my public entries are fandom related and I tend to talk about my fandoms a lot. The majority of other posts are friends only. Actually most of my posts now tend to be friends only anymore but I always welcome new friends, so feel free to friend me and I'll most likely add you back. 

All I ask is that you drop a comment or message saying so and how you found me. If you don't, it's likely I won't add you back, so come on now, it's just nice to say hello! And if you don't find me as interesting as you once thought, feel free to de-friend with no hard feelings. It's all good.
become better at photography. finish writing novel. move away from the midwest. take scuba diving lessons. bike around mt rainier. learn another language.  learn to live healthier as a whole. visit every us state and travel 
favorite things
tv: doctor who. star trek ds9. star trek tng. stargate sg-1. the x-files. battlestar galactica. stargate atlantis. fringe. bones. big bang theory. medium. agt. survivor 

movies: star wars (original trilogy). star trek first contact. harry potter. the fifth element. national treasure. signs. i robot. event horizon. a dogs breakfast. monty python and the holy grail. fried green tomatoes. some kind of wonderful. the breakfast club. shrek series.

musicals/theatre: les miserables. grease. west side story. phantom of the opera. seven brides for seven brothers.

books: stds9 - unity. stds9 - avatar duology. stds9 relaunch. sw - tatooine ghost. sw - heir to the empire trilogy. sw - new jedi order series. sttng - imzadi. harry potter series. gravity by tess gerritson

ships: han & leia. kira & odo. ten & rose. peter & olivia. sam & jack. mulder & scully. luke & mara. jadzia & worf. riker & troi. hermione & ron. adama & roslin. shepard & kaidan

characters: kira nerys. sam carter. the tenth doctor. rose tyler. donna noble. jack o'neill. rodney mckay. han solo. princess leia. dana scully. olivia dunham.

games: mass effect series. dragon age series. gears of war series. borderlands. star wars the old republic. star wars galaxies. world of warcraft. star trek online. guitar hero/rockband. the sims. metal gear solid series. mario kart.

random: hi-top chucks. the color orange. cubes. 1013. thunderstorms. coca zero. coffee. snark. witty humor. technology. gadgets. shopping

icons & graphics
stargater_icons. undamaged-destiny


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other places:
dreamwidth. facebook. twitter. getglue. myspace. tumblr. vox. trekspace
trekcore. adventures in time and space. stargate caps

brushes & textures
100x100_brushes. icon_tutorial. wonderland__


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i'm in gryffindor!

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Kireh Shepard, my main ME character

My OTP <33
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Looking for icons? They're at my icon community: [info]stargater_icons
**Note: My icons have all died, right along with the server (old website they were hosted on. They might make a re-appearance at some point if I'm not too lazy**

Interests (152):

a dog's breakfast, adama/roslin, aliens, ancient cultures, astronomy, bad wolf, basketball, battlestar galactica, blaidd drwg, bones, books, booth/brennan, candles, chess, chinese food, chucks, coffee, collecting, computer games, computer programming, computers, converse, criminal justice, cycling, daleks, david boreanaz, david hewlett, david tennant, deep space nine, diablo ii, dispatching, doberman pinschers, doctor who, doctor/rose, dominoes, donna noble, dr who, dragon age 2, ds9, ds9 relaunch, dune, emergency services, fan fic, female shepard, firefly, football, fringe, geocaching, han solo, han/leia, harry potter, hhgttg, holiday decorating, html, hunger games, icons, internet, ipod, jack o'neill, jadzia/worf, jedi, journaling, katniss/peeta, king of the hill, kira nerys, kira/odo, law enforcement, legos, les miserables, lightsabers, lj icons, lolcats, lord of the rings, luke/mara, mass effect, mirc, mmorpgs, monopoly, monty python's holy grail, movies, mulder/scully, music, music videos, mythology, nasa, networking, new jedi order, nine/rose, ninth doctor, olivia dunham, paint shop pro, paintball, peter bishop, peter/olivia, photography, police, police officers, princess leia, programming, puddle jumpers, raquetball, raxacoricofallapatorius, reading, reality tv, richard dean anderson, riker/troi, rodney mckay, rose tyler, runabouts, sam carter, sam/jack, sarah jane adventures, sci-fi, science fiction, seeley booth, shepard/kaidan, sonic screwdriver, space, star trek, star wars, star wars expanded universe, star wars galaxies, stargate, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, survivor, tardis, temperance brennan, ten ii, ten ii/rose, ten/rose, tenth doctor, terok nor, the doctor, the next generation, the simpsons, the x-files, time lords, time travel, timothy zahn, tng, tribbles, troy denning, tv, v, veronica mars, vidding, video games, walter bishop, web design, world of warcraft, writing
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